How To Become A Blogger? 5 questions you should ask yourself before!

You are thinking of starting a blog? But are you even a blogger type? Can you handle criticism? Are you a loner? Before you start blogging, you should ask yourself these and a few more important questions:


And now to the questions:

Do not worry if you can not answer everyone positively. What is not, can still be.

1) Do I see myself as a blogger?

Yeah, that sounds like psychology and stuff. But I do not want to dive that deep. You do not have to be a psychologist to understand that if you do not see yourself as a blogger, the others will not do it.

If you do not take yourself seriously, the others will not.

The first step is therefore: See yourself as a blogger, write it in your profile description on Facebook and tell others about it.

2) Am I a competitive loner?

If you can not handle the fact that others are better than you, then you will not stand it long as a blogger. In addition, bloggers live from contacts. Are you a sociable person?

Task: Find people blogging about the same topic as you. Post them on Twitter, Google+ or on their website. Make contacts.

Why make contacts?

Experiences and knowledge are a pleasure for bloggers. So you can learn a lot.

Your blog is becoming better known because one or the other mentions you here and there.

It shows its readership that it is about the cause and not just that the readers only come to me.

3) Do I have a niche?

You should not look for a hiding place where nobody finds you, but a niche. What’s this? It’s a special topic that your blog is about. A topic that is personally important to YOU. Not an issue that can be used to make a lot of money or that attracts many readers, but a topic that interests you personally.

Ask yourself: Can I blog about it for 12 months (and longer)? Am I writing out of inner motivation? Am I behind my blog?

Help, there are some in my niche !!!

Do not worry, that should not stop you from starting.

After all, there are already cars, televisions and shoes. Nevertheless, new ones are produced every day.

The art of blogging is not about being BETTER than everyone else, but just being ANDERS than anyone else. Again: not better, but different. Unique, individual, unique.

4) Do I have time for this?

To be honest, a blog can take time. Even if you do not do it commercially and just as a hobby. A blog is like a tamagotchi: It constantly demands that you look at what happens.

Do you have 1.5 hours at least twice a week just for your blog?

5) Do I have the courage?

As a blogger, you show your face to the world. Not just his friends like in Facebook. As a blogger you are vulnerable, vulnerable and visible to all. Do you want that?

When people google your name, they find your blog. Do you want that? Or should it be your little dirty secret? Then search for a synonym.

Can you deal with angry commentators, haters, and people who tell you that your writing is shitty?

If you have answered these questions ->

6) You are ready now!

You can start. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your own blog in just 7 minutes with zero Euro.


Try Bluehost. Advantage: WordPress can be installed with one click. (Disadvantage: no .de address available). Here is a video about Bluehost.

7) Improve your writing style

On my site you will find many writing tips and ideas for better blog posts. For a start, read my timeless post: 10 tips for a better writing style.

If you want to take your writing life to a new level, then I recommend you my eBook, which will give you answer How to become a Blogger ?

Discussion topic:

If you already have a blog, what would you have done differently, with your current knowledge? What were your biggest mistakes when launching a blog?

I look forward to your comment!

5 thoughts on “How To Become A Blogger? 5 questions you should ask yourself before!

  1. i built my blogs with different topics now i have decided to learn do and teach blogging only then go to different topics one by one. secondly i was impressed by the way you have written different blogs so i have referred your site to my readers thanks i may be permitted to use some of your quotes.


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